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Nord, officially known as Clavia Digital Musical Instruments, is a Swedish company known for producing high-quality electronic musical instruments. While they primarily focus on keyboards and synthesizers, they have not produced drum machines as of my last update in January 2022. Here are some popular models of electronic musical equipment offered by Nord:

  1. Keyboard/Piano:
    • Nord Stage Series (e.g., Nord Stage 3): The Nord Stage series is a line of professional stage keyboards designed for live performance and studio use. They feature authentic piano, organ, and synthesizer sounds, along with performance-oriented features like split and layer functionality, dedicated effects sections, and extensive control options.
    • Nord Piano Series (e.g., Nord Piano 4): The Nord Piano series focuses specifically on delivering realistic piano sounds and performance features. These instruments feature high-quality piano samples, authentic keyboard action, and extensive control over piano parameters.
  2. Synthesizers:
    • Nord Lead Series (e.g., Nord Lead 4): The Nord Lead series is a line of virtual analog synthesizers known for their versatile sound engines, intuitive interface, and robust performance capabilities. They offer a wide range of classic and contemporary synth sounds, along with advanced modulation options and real-time control features.
    • Nord Wave 2: The Nord Wave 2 is a performance synthesizer that combines virtual analog synthesis, wavetable synthesis, FM synthesis, and sample playback capabilities. It offers a wide range of sound-shaping options and performance features, making it ideal for exploration and experimentation.
  3. Controllers:
    • Nord Electro Series (e.g., Nord Electro 6D): While primarily known as stage keyboards, the Nord Electro series also serves as MIDI controllers for controlling external MIDI devices. They feature high-quality keyboard action, performance controls, and extensive MIDI functionality for controlling software instruments and hardware synthesizers.

Nord instruments are highly regarded for their exceptional sound quality, performance features, and rugged build quality. Whether you’re a professional musician, a touring artist, or a studio producer, Nord offers a range of electronic musical equipment to suit your needs across various musical genres and applications.