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Boss, a brand under Roland Corporation, primarily focuses on guitar effects pedals, multi-effects units, and guitar accessories. While they are not traditionally known for drum machines, keyboards, samplers, or standalone synths, they do offer a few products in these categories. Here are some popular models:

  1. Drum Machine:
    • Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm: Although released some years ago, the DR-880 remains a popular drum machine among musicians due to its versatility and extensive range of built-in sounds and patterns. It offers a wide variety of drum kits and percussion sounds, along with a pattern-based sequencer and built-in effects.
  2. Keyboard:
    • Boss SY-1 Synthesizer: While primarily marketed as a guitar synthesizer, the SY-1 can also be used with keyboards and other electronic instruments. It offers a wide range of polyphonic synthesizer sounds in a compact pedal format, making it a versatile option for keyboardists seeking to expand their sonic palette.
  3. Sampler:
    • Boss SP-404A Linear Wave Sampler: The SP-404A is a versatile sampler designed for musicians, DJs, and electronic music producers. It features 16 pads for triggering samples, onboard effects, and a pattern sequencer for creating loops and beats. It also offers extensive connectivity options for integrating with other gear.
  4. Synth:
    • Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer: As mentioned earlier, the SY-300 is primarily designed for guitarists, but it can also be used with keyboards and other electronic instruments. It offers polyphonic synthesis and real-time sound processing without the need for special pickups, providing a wide array of synth sounds and effects.

It’s worth noting that while Boss offers products in these categories, they may not have as extensive a lineup or be as well-known for these types of gear as other brands specialized in each category. However, their products are known for their high quality, reliability, and innovative features, making them popular choices among musicians and producers in various genres.