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Native Instruments

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Native Instruments is a German company renowned for its software and hardware solutions for music production, DJing, and sound design. They offer a wide range of products tailored to various aspects of electronic music creation. Here are some of the popular models of electronic musical equipment produced by Native Instruments across different categories:

  1. Software Instruments and Effects:
    • Native Instruments Komplete: Komplete is a comprehensive suite of virtual instruments, effects, and sample libraries. It includes synthesizers like Massive, FM8, and Kontakt, as well as sampled instruments, effects processors, and sound design tools.
    • Native Instruments Battery: Battery is a software-based drum sampler that offers a vast library of drum sounds and percussion samples. It includes features for layering, sequencing, and processing drum sounds in a DAW environment.
  2. Controllers:
    • Native Instruments Maschine: Maschine is a combination of hardware and software designed for beatmaking, sequencing, and performance. It includes a controller with pads and knobs for tactile control, along with software for arranging and producing music.
    • Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol: Komplete Kontrol is a series of MIDI keyboards designed to integrate seamlessly with Native Instruments software instruments. They feature semi-weighted keys, light guides, and deep integration with Komplete instruments for intuitive control and performance.
  3. Drum Machine:
    • Native Instruments Maschine: In addition to its sequencing and sampling capabilities, Maschine also functions as a drum machine, allowing users to create and manipulate drum patterns using its pads and software interface.
  4. Synthesizers:
    • Native Instruments Massive X: Massive X is a powerful software synthesizer designed for modern sound design and electronic music production. It offers wavetable synthesis, flexible modulation options, and a wide range of preset sounds.
    • Native Instruments Reaktor: Reaktor is a modular synthesis environment that allows users to create their own custom synthesizers, effects, and sound generators. It offers a vast library of user-generated content as well as tools for building and sharing your own creations.

Native Instruments’ products are highly regarded for their sound quality, performance features, and integration with popular music production software. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Native Instruments offers a wide range of electronic musical equipment to suit your needs across various musical genres and applications.