2020 Arturia b3vlicense – New Arturia Organ


The 2020 Arturia b3vlicense is in New condition. Arturia B-3 V License TONEWHEEL ORGAN HEAVYWEIGHT. Amazing ! only $149

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The 2020 Arturia b3vlicense is in New condition. Arturia B-3 V License TONEWHEEL ORGAN HEAVYWEIGHT. Arturia only $149 This is a great !


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arturia  logo Arturia is a French music software and hardware company renowned for its synthesizers, controllers, and software instruments. They specialize in creating virtual emulations of classic analog synthesizers, as well as innovative original designs. Here are some of the types of musical instruments they make:

  1. Analog Synthesizers: Arturia produces a range of analog synthesizers that combine vintage aesthetics with modern features. One of their most popular analog synthesizers is the Arturia MiniBrute series, which includes models like the MiniBrute and MiniBrute 2. These synthesizers offer a compact yet powerful analog sound engine, intuitive controls, and versatile modulation options.
  2. Digital Synthesizers: Arturia also offers digital synthesizers that leverage modern technology to create a wide range of sounds. The Arturia MicroFreak is a notable example, featuring a unique digital oscillator with multiple synthesis modes, a touch-sensitive keyboard, and a compact form factor suitable for portable use.
  3. Software Instruments: In addition to hardware synthesizers, Arturia develops software instruments that emulate classic analog synthesizers, pianos, organs, and more. Their V Collection series includes virtual versions of iconic synthesizers like the Minimoog, ARP 2600, and DX7, offering authentic sound and extensive tweakability in the digital realm.
  4. MIDI Controllers: Arturia produces a variety of MIDI controllers designed for music production and performance. Their KeyLab series features keyboard controllers with high-quality keybeds, comprehensive DAW integration, and a wide range of assignable controls for manipulating virtual instruments and software parameters.
  5. Drum Machines: Arturia offers drum machines like the DrumBrute and DrumBrute Impact, which provide analog drum synthesis, sequencing, and performance features suitable for electronic music production and live performance.
One particularly notable model from Arturia is the Arturia MatrixBrute. It’s a flagship analog synthesizer featuring a versatile modulation matrix, three oscillators, extensive connectivity options, and a wealth of hands-on controls. The MatrixBrute is praised for its powerful sound engine, expressive performance capabilities, and robust build quality. Overall, Arturia instruments are highly regarded for their combination of vintage-inspired sounds, modern features, and intuitive user interfaces, making them popular choices among musicians, producers, and sound designers alike. arturia logo

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