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The Casio CTS300 is in New condition. Casiotone Making Music Fun. Anytime, Anywhere. The ultra-compact CT-S300 lets you make music wherever and whenever you want. Just pop in six A…. Amazing ! only $179.99

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The Casio CTS300 is in New condition. Casiotone Making Music Fun. Anytime, Anywhere. The ultra-compact CT-S300 lets you make music wherever and whenever you want. Just pop in six A…. Casio only $179.99 This is a great !


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Casio continues to be a prominent player in the electronic musical instrument market, offering a wide range of modern and innovative products. While they have a rich history of producing iconic vintage models, they also stay at the forefront of technology with their latest releases. Here are some popular types of electronic instruments and recent models made by Casio:

  1. Casio Keyboards and Digital Pianos:
    • Casio Privia Series: The Privia series includes a range of digital pianos known for their realistic piano sound and feel. Models like the PX-S1100 and PX-770 feature weighted keys, AiR sound technology, and advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity and USB recording.
    • Casio Casiotone Series: Casio’s Casiotone keyboards are aimed at beginners and casual players, offering a balance of affordability and functionality. The CT-S1 and CT-S400 keyboards feature slim designs, touch-sensitive keys, and a variety of tones and rhythms suitable for learning and performing.
  2. Casio Synthesizers:
    • Casio CT-X Series: The CT-X series comprises portable keyboards with advanced sound engines and performance features. Models like the CT-X5000 and CT-X7000 offer a wide range of sounds, including acoustic and electronic instruments, along with rhythm patterns, effects, and a built-in sequencer.
    • Casio PX-S Series: While primarily digital pianos, some models in the PX-S series, like the PX-S3100, offer additional synth and organ sounds, making them versatile instruments for a variety of musical styles.
  3. Workstations and Arranger Keyboards:
    • Casio MZ-X Series: The MZ-X series includes arranger workstations with extensive sound libraries, advanced editing capabilities, and performance features. Models like the MZ-X500 and MZ-X300 offer hundreds of sounds, accompaniment styles, and real-time control options for live performance and music production.
  4. Portable Digital Drums:
    • Casio Digital Drums: Casio offers portable digital drum kits suitable for practice, performance, and recording. The Casio Digital Drums series includes models like the Casio CSD-150 Compact Drum Kit, which features compact pads, built-in sounds, and drumming exercises for learning and practicing.
  5. Vintage Models to Consider:
    • Casio VL-Tone VL-1: Released in 1980, the VL-Tone VL-1 is a highly compact keyboard that became iconic for its affordability and unique sound capabilities. It features a built-in calculator, simple synthesis engine, and preset rhythms, making it a versatile and portable instrument. The VL-Tone VL-1 is often remembered for its catchy demo tune “Funky Town.”
    • Casio CZ-101: Introduced in 1984, the CZ-101 is a phase distortion synthesizer renowned for its distinctive sound and affordable price. It features a full-size keyboard, digital synthesis engine with multiple waveforms, and hands-on control over sound parameters. The CZ-101 gained popularity among electronic musicians for its versatility and ease of use.
    • Casio MT Series: The MT series comprises a range of portable keyboards produced in the 1980s, offering various sound capabilities and features. Models like the MT-70 and MT-100 are known for their retro charm, built-in rhythms, and simple interface. These keyboards have gained a cult following among enthusiasts and collectors.
These are just a few examples of Casio’s electronic instruments, both modern and vintage. Casio continues to innovate and offer a diverse range of products to suit the needs of musicians, from beginners to professionals.

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