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Hammond is primarily renowned for its Hammond organ series, particularly the Hammond B-3 and its variants, which have been iconic in the realm of keyboard instruments for decades. However, they have also delved into other areas of electronic musical equipment, including drum machines, keyboards, pianos, and synthesizers. Here’s an overview of Hammond’s popular models in each category:

  1. Drum Machine:
    • Hammond Auto-Vari 64: This was one of Hammond’s early drum machines, featuring a selection of rhythm patterns and controls for tempo and volume. It was introduced in the 1960s and was one of the first attempts by Hammond in the drum machine market.
  2. Keyboard:
    • Hammond XK-3c: This is a digital organ keyboard designed to replicate the classic Hammond tonewheel organ sound. It features authentic drawbar controls and other characteristic organ features, making it a favorite among organ enthusiasts.
    • Hammond SK Series (e.g., SK1, SK1-73, SK2, SKX): The SK series keyboards are stage keyboards designed to emulate the sound and feel of the classic Hammond organs while also offering a wide range of other keyboard sounds, including pianos, electric pianos, strings, and more. They are known for their versatility and portability.
  3. Piano:
    • Hammond Electric Piano: Hammond has produced electric pianos in the past, although specific model names may vary depending on the era. These electric pianos often featured a blend of analog and digital technology to reproduce piano sounds with varying degrees of authenticity.
  4. Synthesizers:
    • Hammond Novachord: While not a modern synthesizer, the Novachord is worth mentioning as it was one of the earliest polyphonic synthesizers developed by Hammond in the 1930s. It utilized vacuum tube technology and a complex array of tone generators to produce a wide range of sounds.
    • Hammond SK Pro: This is a modern analog synthesizer produced by Hammond Suzuki. It offers classic analog synth sounds with modern features and controls, catering to musicians looking for vintage-inspired sounds in a contemporary package.

Overall, while Hammond is most famous for its organs, they have produced a range of other electronic musical instruments and equipment over the years, each with its own unique features and characteristics.